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Hawaii vacation for family



Perfect vacation for families – Hawaii, translated from the ancient Hawaiian language should mean paradise, because that’s what it is. Hawaii has a climate that is only a few degrees of temperature changes throughout the year and the sun always shines. The rainy season is in January, but is not that scares visitors of rain. In fact, to visit in the winter one of the most popular time of the year in Hawaii. This is probably because it is cold and sad throughout the United States. Hawaii is the perfect place for Californians because it is only a three hour flight.

Hawaii is a great family vacation because of the variety of activities or no activity. (If you set a perfect sandy beach is your thing) all islands offer a variety of activities for families. Such as swimming or surfing in one of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Waikiki is a small family beach on the island of Oahu. The waves are long and flat and has a good family vacation atmosphere. Waikiki is a good place for beginners to surf because the waves or learn so complicated. From Honolulu is a big city, you can even fast food to satisfy those with young hungry.

During failure Ohau, be sure not to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. This monument is powerful and painful. After a short film of the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor, visitors can take a short ferry ride that memorial me. The memorial actually floats above the wreck. Once you can take the ferry back to the wall, giving it the name of each person who died today in December feared to go.

Ohau is also home to the Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo and Sea Life Park. The park has a 300,000 gallon tank where you can see sharks, rays and thousands of reef fish. You can even swim with dolphins here. Children love dolphins.

The island of Maui is home to the Maui Ocean Center, the largest tropical aquarium in the United States. Maui is also a good place for windsurfing, and tons of different waterfalls. The Ka’anapali resort is located on the west coast of Maui, and is home to the best golf courses on the island. Here is where the big high-rise resorts. They have many pools for children to swim. The beach is not as suitable for children as Waikiki Beach. Rip currents can be strong and Maui is much windier than Honolulu. The quieter beach in Cordoba, maybe one more child.

If riding back is more your style, you can visit either the North Shore of Oahu or the Big Iceland from Hawaii and Kauai. Of course do not forget the Luau. Luaus are great fun for the whole family and is found in any of the Hawaiian Islands. Fire eaters and beautiful Polynesian dancers will delight children of all ages. Whatever your idea of ​​family vacation, Hawaii is sure to please.


Hawaii Vacation with children

Hawaii vacationHawaii Vacation with kids – There could not be a more relaxing Hawaii vacation. There are many activities on land and in water. The landscape is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. There are too many things for kids to do to take with you.

The whole body will of the family of one of the largest beaches loves surfing and boogie boarding in Hawaii, including the famous Waikiki Beach. Waikiki has even a cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant. Children will love. You can find all kinds of toppings they want to reach the famous burger in the world. Remember, the Honolulu Zoo. There is a small zoo, but worth a visit. The pond pink flamingos on the front is sure to attract children and provide a great opportunity to kick. The Waikiki Aquarium is another family stop.

It has a touch of ponds to delight children and adults. Finally, the Bishop Museum is well worth a trip. You have demonstrations in the art of lei making and hula. Before leaving the island take the kids to visit the famous beaches of the north coast. Worth the trip to see the same world-class beaches, where surfers gather.

On a visit to Maui safe bet is the Maui Ocean Center, which is the largest aquarium of tropical fish in the United States. Dolphin statues in front make a great background for a souvenir photo. Do not forget to visit the Museum of Whaling in Lahaina. If you visit in the winter months to go ahead and take a whale watching tour from the port of Lahaina. It is sure to please. The beaches of the resort are Ka’anapali are fun for kids too. Most of these stations have stunning pools for young swimmers. Some even have water parks in the Hawaii hotel. Parents should at these stations for a quiet place to take children’s programs while.

In the Big Iceland from Hawaii a journey through Volcanoes National Park Hawaii. You can see active volcanoes and possibly some lava in the comfort and safety of your own car. Then take a look at Waimea and take the kids for a walk through the valley. You can have a full day tour with lunch, or perhaps to make even a pony for young children. Finally, you can go to North Kohala and try kayak. It is an ideal place for beginners.

The island of Molokai provide a nice break to ancient and relaxation in an authentic Hawaiian feel. You can rent mountain bikes and explore the island together. Be careful not to go too far out of the way, since it is easy to get lost on the island of Hawaii. On this island, you should consider renting a house for children to have plenty of room to expand. In addition, there are not many hotel options here on Molokai.