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Island of Maui information



Maui is an island chain between the Hawaiian Islands. There are plenty of activities for families and honeymooners seeking a relaxing stay. Weather water sports or land activities are your thing, Maui is sure to please.

Lahaina Town is a former fishing village on the west side of the island. You will find a wide selection of shops and restaurants to choose from. There is also a hunting museum is located Maui. It is ideal for exploring the wonders of these huge mammals place. Lahaina is also a great place to take surfing lessons. There are a number of different surf schools can be found here. Finally, the Old Lahaina Luau is a must. If you are interested, go to a luau at all, while in the island is the place. It is smaller and more authentic than those found in the hotel complex.

Island of Maui information
The road to Hana is another popular destination for tourists on the island. If you are driving down the road to Hana, the journey would take about two hours to complete, but this trip is not over the top. There are literally hundreds of places you can stop along the way. There are plenty of waterfalls, a rainforest, black sand beaches, several hiking trails, as you can imagine. Once in the town of Hana, you may want to stop at the beach for lunch or maybe a relaxing bath. I recommend renting a 4WD vehicle because the best location, Ohe’o Gulch equals Hana away. If you do not have 4-wheel drive, you are back to where they came from. This road is full of a two-lane roads and curves; and is located on top of large rocks facing the Pacific Ocean.

The Ohe’o Gulch, also known as the Seven Sacred Pools, is nothing less than spectacular. There are actually twenty four pools. Natural pools are formed running along the seawater. There are traces of water on the rocks, pools and waterfalls. The best part of the pool is that you have a relaxing bath in them.

Cordoba is quiet in the south side of the Maui island people. It is more likely that hotels and low-rise apartment instead of skyscrapers in the seaside resort of Ka’anapali are so common to find. This is a good place to relax in relatively quiet beaches or perhaps a lesson windsurf or kitesurf.

The Maui Ocean Center is near the bay Ma’alea. The Ocean Center is home to a large aquarium, must go through a tunnel. Is present becomes a great picture opportunity, as you can literally sharks and stingrays huge pool directly overhead.

Ma’alea Bay offers great opportunities for whale watching, especially during the winter months. Mother humpback whales in the shallow waters of the bay to their babies to protect sharks often deeper waters.


Hilo city in Hawaii

Hilo Hawaii

Hilo Hawaii

Hilo island review – On the main island of Hawaii, is the variety in geography from beaches to volcanoes. There are miles of undeveloped land as well as bustling urban development in cities like Kailua Kona. Hilo, which is on the windward side of the island, gets a lot of rain. This contributes to the lush landscape of this part of the island making Hilo an interesting sight and a must on the list of targets.

Most people start he traveled in the Grand Iceland Kona. You should plan a few days to relax and enjoy the beaches in the area, or perhaps dive in Kealakekuea Bay. Then you should take the time to explore the National Park Hawaii Volcanoes. This is a must on the list of destination in Hawaii. The park is amazing to say the least. If you have plenty of time to really make a camp in the park and really explore. The park has over 140 miles of trails and is nothing less than spectacular. If you’re short on time, you should always take a walk in the park.

This is a section of Highway 137 synchronizes Red Road, which is well worth a visit. There is a canopy of Milo and Hala trees that interlock to form a kind of tunnel.

You should also plan to spend some time in Hilo city. The lush scenery is beautiful scenery and take pictures. It’s called Hilo is the wettest city in the US, so do not expect much in the way of beaches. But Hilo is a small city; However offers a bit of history and culture rooms.

It is a quiet little town called Puako on the south coast home Kohalo fabulous tide pools. It is accessible from Highway 19 near Hapuna Beach State Park. The giant tide pools are home to some marine species including corals make this destination a must. I had no intention of staying in Puako, however, is a small town that has no place, and it’s really unusual.

Who would have thought it would be mounted on the list of activities for a vacation to Hawaii? Well, actually there is a huge ranch called dahana Ranch Roughriders in Waimea. It is owned and operated by a native Hawaiian family and remains a working cattle ranch. The ranch raises and breeds, and trains cattle and horses. There are also some excellent cycling here in Waimea as the terrain is surrounded by hills.

Before reviewing and let the best island stop at Pololu Valley, which will provide some trails. You can even take a mule ride down the valley. Finally, you should do a little more time to relax on the white sand beaches of Gran Iceland. Or take one last chance to scuba dive Kauna’oa Bay. Whatever you choose, I’m sure your stay in Hawaii will amaze you.